Millions of colours

Arduino driven

Only 3 wires

Elektor Magazine

For a quick RGBDigit impression view the interview with Clemens Valens Technical Manager Elektor Magazine.

Temp versus color

RGBDigit Arduino UNO temp versus color demo.
Arduino UNO and Adafruit NeoPixel Arduino library driven.

Men at work

Our working man are very busy producing the RGB digits by hand. Soon we have our first batch of RGB-digits. So come back in a while.

Color impression

Color impression one 1" 7segment RGBDigit Arduino Mirco or UNO driven.

RGBDigit Xmas

RGBDigit Xmas message 10x 1" 7 segment RGBDigit Arduino Micro driven 3 wires in 3 wires out  16581375 colors per segment and 255 brightness steps.